Creative Supply Solutions

CSS offers a full range of alcohol free products from antibacterial hard surface cleaners and sanitisers, to hand sanitising foamers and hand wipes, all designed to give lasting protection and well being to both the individual and working environment.

Poor sanitation creates environments where opportunistic infections increase in line with the multiplication of the pathogens that cause disease states. The disease burden is greatest in countries that have limited access to effective sanitation and therefore cannot develop an effective infection control strategy.

CSS Limited has developed and bought to market SteriZar-branded products. Alcohol-free, SteriZar technology is halal-compliant, environmentally-safe and has high efficacy, having been scientifically validated to be effective in killing disease-causing pathogens including C.difficile and Norovirus, responsible for the majority of hospital infections in the NHS.

With a strong foundation in infection control in clinical environments, SteriZar is also increasingly providing effective barrier and infection control across multiple sectors including: food; agricultural and equine.

Sterizar technology is being introduced into the food supply chain, a common vector route for disease causing pathogens, to ensure food safety from farm to fork. CSS is working with the equine sector to produce EquiZar, a bespoke infection control product and will shortly be bringing to market alcohol-free consumer-grade branded sanitation products.

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