What is the main purpose of Med Cell Plc?

The company intends a consolidation play within the Healthcare sector, with an emphasis around Medical Services.

The company will regularly evaluate if the interests of its shareholders are being met by realising value through its portfolio, to ensure continued growth.

What does Med Cell Plc own?

We have a number of patents, products and services in our portfolio, together with a large parcel of land in the Bahamas.

Is there more than one class of shares or equivalents in issue?

The Company has two classes of shares in issue: Ordinary Shares and Preference Shares
Ordinary Shares and Preference Shares have a par value of €0.001 Euros. As at 13. March 2019, there are a total of 123,593,130 Shares in issue.
111,593,130 Ordinary Shares and 12,000,000 Preference Shares

How do I change my personal details when I own shares in the company?

If you wish to change any personal details or there are circumstances where the registered owner of shares change (for example, in the event of death), then the registered owner or their official descendants (or their legal representatives) must contact the company’s Share Registrars.

Where is Med Cell Plc registered?

We are a public company founded in England on March 7, 2018 (Reg. No. 11240560) and are governed by the laws of England and Wales.