Group Brands and Intellectual Property


Developed in 2016, Tricogeneca was created with the sole purpose of engineering stem cells to cure hair baldness. Although there are a variety of treatments that are available on the market, they are not suited for all individuals. Tricogeneca therapy is a hybrid technology with the combination of stem cells and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technology. Policies and procedures have undergone extensive checks by medical teams and external professors to ensure the patients treated using the Tricogeneca methodology and treatment process, are provided with first class care.

The company aims to gain a foothold in a market where around 60% of men and around 10% of women around the world are suffering from hair loss, by establishing its first hair loss treatment centre in The Bahamas relatively soon, thus entering early in a commercial space where competition is still at a nascent stage.


Operates within the stem cell research field with a focus on developing, patenting and licensing (through Med Cell plc) stem cell treatments. It aims to overcome technical hurdles between the promise of stem cells and the realization of these uses through intensive research.

It aims to pursue a 3-pronged strategy:

  • Development – to develop treatment and cure procedures through intensive research on stem cell therapies
  • Patent – secure patents across multiple jurisdictions regarding the research developments
  • Licensing – Utilise these patents to generate revenue through licensing to pharmaceutical companies

The aim is to develop a comprehensive patent portfolio on stem cell-based treatment procedures, and through intensive research on such procedures, it then plans to secure patents on these developments in multiple jurisdictions around the world. These patents would then be licensed to pharmaceutical companies willing to gain a foothold in the rapidly emerging field of stem-cell based therapies.


Through the company’s acquisition of a range of medical intellectual property from Teknisity Inc., the following products (at various stages of development) are part of that acquisition portfolio:

  • Test strips for cancer using biochemical markers and biosensor mini electro machine.
  • Test kit for flu and other viruses using nasal swabs, buccal cells and saliva.
  • Test kit for testicular cancer using protein Biomarkers in urine.
  • Skin cancer test
  • Human eye Tear duct test - biochemical sensor markers for detection of cancer cells.
  • Neutraliser of free radicals