Med Cell Ltd was founded to capture the growing Cell Therapy market and is a worldwide leader in stem cell isolation & stem cell storage (cryopreservation) with years of experience in therapies with stem cells and their secretome for regenerative medicine.

The Company has a solid R&D pipeline for stem cell production and treatments and is in a position to expand the range of treatments currently offered to more illnesses e.g. neurological diseases and Diabetes, in a very short period of time.

It is currently establishing a worldwide “centre of excellence” in translational and regenerative stem cell medicine with adipose-derived (fat tissue) adult stem cells in The Bahamas and is fully licensed and approved by the Bahamian Government to conduct research & therapies with adipose-derived, adult, autologous (own) stem cells as well as stem cell banking (cryopreservation).

The Company’s intellectual property comprises its collection of patents and patent applications pending, production and manufacturing methods as well as real estate.

It is a pioneer in stem cell related procedures for hair loss treatment and has developed a hybrid technology with the combination of stem cells and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technology. It aims to gain a foothold in a market where around 60% of men and around 10% of women around the world are suffering from hair loss.

Med Cell Ltd also provides management services to worldwide organisations in medical technology, pharmaceutical production, and healthcare services. It focuses in the areas of disease prevention, immunity optimization, disease treatment, and research and development.

Med Cell Ltd operates within the stem cell research field with a focus on developing, patenting and licensing stem cell treatments. It aims to overcome technical hurdles between the promises of stem cells and the realisation of these uses through intensive research.