Silmed Ltd

Medical device sales

Silmed have been working with international distributors to supply a range of specialist niche products. This involves liaison with UK manufacturing partners and international distributors. Silmed supply their products to distribution partners in diverse markets including China, South Korea, Israel, Italy, Portugal and Denmark.

Medical device Design and Development

The Silmed team have extensive experience in medical device design and development and are currently working on several projects including:

  • Medical Line securement device to provide a solution for the problem of detachment of medical tubes such as infusion lines, wound drainage tubes, catheters and naso-gastric feed tubes. This device has been granted a patent and patents have been applied for enhancements to the design.
  • Flow Control device. We are working on a low cost flow control device for medium to low risk IV infusions, particularly to target infusion procedures where a costly pump may not be appropriate or available. This device is at concept stage.
  • IV Cannula with safety and securement features to securely fix the cannula to the patient and reduce the risk of complications arising from excessive cannula movement.

Medical Device Consultancy.

Silmed also provide specialist consultancy support focusing on compliance to EU and FDA regulatory requirements for medical devices. We have worked with global healthcare companies on both medical device and combination product (a product which combines a pharmaceutical product and medical device for the delivery of the drug in a single entity), with a strong focus on compliance with design control requirements.

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